Alan Combies, CHt.
Emotional Freedom Coach
"Finally, You Can Move Past Your Stress,
Anxiety and Fear,
Gain Confidence, and
Attract Whatever You Want...
Using a simple yet powerful technique that often works in an
instant and will change your life forever!
Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Alan Combies and I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Meridian Tapping
(FasterEFT) and Emotional Freedom Coach with a passion for helping
people just like you..

Have you ever felt stressed out, fearful, or anxious?

Have these feelings ever gripped you to the point where you felt stuck?
Do you feel
like you're trapped in your current situation and there's no way out

Emotional Freedom is the ability to see life in a different way. It's the ability to
recognize these feelings and to release them.

I use a simple yet powerful technique to help you release stress,
anxiety, and fear from your life and it often works in an

And better yet... I will coach you how to use this technique to recognize and release
these feelings in your day to day life.

Imagine, with these powerful tools literally at you fingertips you can...
What is Emotional Freedom?
Improve you finances

Attract the perfect partner

Understand the mind/body connection
and rid yourself of pain

Enjoy better health

Appear relaxed and confident in any

Use my simple 4-step formula to attract
whatever you want!
Here's what people just like you are saying about my program:
I was feeling very frustrated of where my life was and I couldn't
move forward. Then I met with Alan who taught me how to release
anger and other negative emotions. My life has completely
changed for the better as I keep getting more clear and inspired
about what my true purpose is in life. Alan has showed me how to
overcome my fears to improve my business, personal
relationships and growth. I am very thankful for the time that he
has taken to help me take my life to the next level.

Your work really has released a part of me I was holding on for
far too long.  You allowed me to see my family in a whole new
light.... 33 years after the fact.

Beverly S.

I had one session with Alan and I immediately felt powerful and
able to face my fear. I had been reticent to market myself for
fear of what people would think.

That one session left me feeling able to take on any challenge.
And believe it or not, I got a new  prospect call the same
afternoon! True."

Andrew, GIG Marketing
"Just from the couple of sessions I've had with you, I've noticed a
big difference in my awareness, not only of the impact these past
experiences have had on  me, but also of the energy I choose to
put out into the  world."

Dear Alan

I want to thank you for the session.
You were wonderful and helped me unlock some very deep
angst and hurt from childhood that I thought were gone!  You
were so gentle and warm and I felt safe.  And wow!  The memory
of those 2 incidents are hard to pull up now!

I  am much lighter and will definitely continue to using your

Thank you so much!

Jenny K.
Ever since I have had Alan as my  coach, I have been able to
release many negative emotions and anger that have been
holding me back in my business, personal relationships and
growth. After meeting with Alan, I have felt more relieved and
ready to make the next move in all different areas of my life. I
encourage anyone to take a minute and reflect as to what is
holding you back, and see Alan as he is great with what he
does. My life has changed for the better. I am very thankful for
the time that he has taken with me to help take my life to the next

Because they work! Not only do I have many satisfied clients but I know first hand
because I used the same formula on myself to get
outstanding results.

You see, not very long ago I was single, I had a business that never really got off the
ground, I was earning little to no money, I was $40,000 in debt, and to top it all off my
landlord had informed me that the garage he was renting me as a studio wasn't permitted
and the city was forcing him to evict me.

Do you want to know something amazing?

I turned all of it around using the same program that I will be sharing with you.

That's right! Today I live on a beautiful Marina, I have a loving, talented caring, and
supportive girlfriend, I have a steady flow of income, I have a business that truly helps
people, and I have time to do the things that really excite me like travel, surfing, and
playing my drums!

And Life just keeps getting juicier :-)

So, if you are ready to awaken and begin the path to a new life of love and abundance...

Contact me today to see if Emotional Freedom Coaching is right for you.

With peace, love, and smiles,

Alan Combies, CHt.
How can I be so confident about these techniques?
Want to Learn More?
I had been dealing with a pretty debillitating panic/anxiety
disorder for ten years prior to working with Alan. From the very
first session, I knew that this experience was going to be
beneficial to me. Alan took his time and was extremely thorough
as we worked through the different aspects of my issue(s). I
walked away with life tools that will help in the event that anything
comes up to threaten my progress. I would highly recommend
Alan to anyone - for any reason. Major life issue or just a tune-up.

Lisa G.
Alan was wonderful to work with. His kind and compassionate
heart made me feel comfortable right away. His EFT insights
helped me move on to the next level and freed me from some
very limiting beliefs. I recommended Alan to a dear and wise
friend who also agreed that Alan is a very special person.

Alice S.